About Us

The Information Science Student Association is open to all students (majors, minors, or undeclared) interested in Information Science or Information Science, Systems, & Technology. The Information Science Student Association (ISSA) is here to improve the student experience and spread the word about the major. We plan networking events, social events, corporate information sessions, and meet-and-greets with Cornell faculty.

Social: Through the ISSA, you will meet and build relationships with your classmates in IS and ISST and keep up with the latest news in the Information Science department. The ISSA allows you to connect with others in your major and find group members, start-up partners, mentors/mentees, and friends.

Academic: The ISSA connects connects underclassmen with upperclassmen who can share a wealth of information about courses, structuring schedules, and choosing tracks.

Career: The ISSA hosts information sessions with employers looking to fill full-time and internship positions. Additionally, ISSA sends out a resumé book of members to recruiters at all the major tech companies.

Research & Leadership: The ISSA connects students with professors regarding research opportunities, and notifies members about leadership opportunities and on-campus jobs suited for IS and ISST students.

What We Do

Past ISSA events include:


The Information Science Student Association (ISSA) organizes a student mentor program. Our goal is to pair all students who are new to IS/ISST with upperclassmen. Student mentors are able to provide advice in terms of course enrollment, finding internships and all things Information Science! To learn more, see our Mentorship page.