Coming to the Information Science or ISST major can be daunting at first. Whether you are a freshman or transfer student, it's difficult to know where to start in planning your classes, seeking academic advice, or just where to ask some questions.

The ISSA offers a mentorship program to pair students new to Information Science and Information Science, Systems, and Technology with upperclassmen who are knowledgable in a wide variety of areas within IS and ISST. Pairings are made based off both academic and extracirricular interests; mentees will also be matched with a mentor based on their prospective interests if they are new to Cornell.

This year, we will be having more mentorship related events for mentors and their mentees to interact and get to know each other better (and interact with other mentor/mentee pairs). Use these events to help your mentee interact with other new Information Science and ISST students! They will be fun and engaging for everyone, so look out for those announcements to come!


Think back to your first few weeks as an Information Science or ISST major. Did you ever feel confused or disoriented? (Of course you did.) Did you ever wonder how to best plan next semester's classes? (Don't we all?) Were you looking for someone who could give you a helping hand with pretty much everything (except that one obscure class that no one else is in?)

Now imagine you had a mentor who could provide you with the guidance, insight, and assistance to all of those things and more. Mentors are extremely important for new students; whether they are new to Cornell, a transfer from outside of Cornell, or a recently declared major, they provide a great support system for students who need an extra hand.

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New to Information Science or ISST, either as a major or minor, and need some guidance? Apply for a mentor! Even if you're just thinking about it but would like some support getting there, having a mentor will be extremely helpful. Transfer students (within Cornell and from other universities) are also encouraged to apply!

Fill out the application form here!

Applications have been extended until September 18th! If you have questions, please email Shea Belsky.